What we've been working on!

September 2022

Some rough thoughts about funding research organizations through many small donations

August 2022

What the the heck is systems research? Why is it important? Why are we bad at it? How could we do better?

July 2022

The interplay between funding organizations, research management, and research motivation

June 2022

Some strategies and tactics I've come up with to ask good questions for technological roadmapping, podcasts, (and life?)

May 2022

Some ideas “smell” like research. The concept is incredibly nebulous and I’m not going to attempt to offer a definition beyond what they’re not…

December 2021

Apologies for the crickets. More news about PARPA coming soon — there’s lots going on but nothing post-worthy … yet. In the meantime, I frequently get…

June 2020

Welcome to Spectech Newsletter by me, Ben Reinhardt. Dare mighty things! Journeyman wondersmith at @Speculative Technologies. \n\nPast: AI @MagicLeap…